'Holding It Together'

‘I am trying to find my edges, I don’t know where they are anymore…

Am I grieving now? Am I grieving, now? Am I grieving? Now?’

‘Holding It Together’ is an original multidisciplinary performance exploring grief; it is a both performance and a conversation, shared in an intimate space that has been crafted to support audience members as they reflect, either aloud or internally, upon the feeling and evolving experience of grief. 
The work combines movement, text and a strong visual aesthetic, that uses the familiar, playful and light materiality of bubble wrap, to communicate two independent but shared experiences of grief and the friendship that connects them. 

Devised and performed by Chloë Smith (choreographer) and Jassy Earl (visual artist), the work will mark the beginning of collaborative relationships with an experienced creative team who all value the power of holding space as part of their practice: including Luke Pell (dramaturg); Kim Moore (composer); Laura Bradshaw (movement director) and Emma Jayne Park (producer).

The work premiered at Platform as part of the Scottish Mental Health Arts Festival in May 2019. 'Holding It Together' will continue to be developed throughout 2019, and will be touring during Spring 2020.

'100% Fully Unqualified'

A new co-collaboration between Jassy Earl and Geraldine Heaney. 

The performance will be for 12+ and challenges the definitions of adult and child, risk, and the end of curiosity.

How do you overcome the fear of the unforeseeable and go for it anyway? What’s it like to face your fear of the dark, head on? We don’t know exactly where our game will take us, but the risk and the potential failure of the failing is part of the point. We want to play. We want to fail. Our starting point will be who we are, and where we are.