My arrival onto my mat was an effort to still the mind and soften a profound darkness. Yoga has been the means with which I have come home to myself and expanded my capacity to weather, experience and engage more fully in living.

I trained as a yoga teacher during the global lockdown of COVID-19; a unique and powerful setting with which to delve deeper into the self and in turn consider and question the seismic shift of our existence. It is here, in a global crisis and during other personal crises that I have experienced the most profound transformations; guided by the knowledge and infinite mysteries of yoga.

One of the most potent discoveries of my practice has been the observation of the dialogue I have with myself. It is my hope that this dialogue, in its sharing, will grow branches into a collective, embodied and transformative conversation. I hope to hold space for others informed by the spaces and teachers which have held it for me; and share in the unfolding.

                                                                           I trained with the incredible Steph Wall founder of the Kali Collective in Glasgow from March-July 2020

Classes and 1-2-1

Home Yoga Class

Afternoon Yoga Online;

from the comfort of your own home.

Get set up for your week, and unwind before the weekend. Tune into your breath and your body; move the body, still the mind.

Vinyasa Flow allows for creativity and dynamic movement paired with the rhythm of your breath. Each class will have a different focus and sequence. Other aspects of yoga such as meditation, breathing techniques and yoga philosophy may be introduced. 

Mixed level class with options and variations of poses. 

Webcams can be on or off throughout the practice. Bring a block or book and a blanket for our practice together. 

A Zoom link will be sent to you prior to the class. Please leave your email address as a note at checkout. 

Friday at 9am

60 mins


Book here

1-2-1 Yoga

A private 1-2-1 class, taught outdoors or online. 

Personalised sessions to suit your individual requirements & availability. 

Private Yoga is ideal for complete beginners, for anyone working with a specific injury/medical condition, to work around childcare commitments, and for special one-to-one care and attention. 

Sessions are offered at £20 per session and will take place, weather permitting, in a beautiful rose garden setting in the Southside of Glasgow. Online sessions will take place via Zoom. 

To discuss further and book, please contact me at 

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